The Scandinavian Green Roof Award 2019


The winner of The Scandinavian Green Roof Award 2019 is Fonden Amager Bakke and Amager Resource Center for their project Copenhill rooftop park in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Award ceremony

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The Copenhill rooftop park is a new type of ambitious roof based park combining a strong focus on recreation with ecological and biological values. The park is situated on top of the new ARC Amager bakke waste treatment plant and artificial skislope where it forms a new form of nature in an otherwise industrial landscape. The roof park creates a border and living contrast to the artificial slopes nearby. This prize is awarded to the vegetated part of the Copenhill rooftop park installation which is designed to support natural biodiversity using a combination of hardy vegetation types local to the area as well as an impressive amount of trees, more than 300 in this windy location. The design and execution of the vegetation systems demonstrates the multifunctionality of green roofs and clearly goes beyond the product focused approach otherwise often seen. The green roof is designed by SLA in close collaboration with BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group.


Picture: Ehrhorn Hummerston

Copenhill1_ Ehrhorn Hummerston

Picture: Ehrhorn Hummerston

The award-jury motivation for the award:
The Copenhill roof top park receives the Scandinavian Green roof award for its focus on creating a natural local landscape with biological values open to individual exploration and interest driven recreation on trails, running routes, outlooks and playgrounds.


Picture: Ehrhorn Hummerston

“CopenHill’s nature rooftop park invites locals and visitors to traverse a mountainous landscape of plants, rockscapes, 7,000 bushes and 300 pine and willow trees atop the world’s cleanest waste-to-energy plant. The green roof also acts as a generous ‘green bomb’ for the local wildlife that will radically green-up the adjacent industrial area. Thus, CopenHill has become the home for birds, bees, butterflies and flowers, forming a completely new urban ecosystem for the city of Copenhagen,” says Rasmus Astrup, Partner & Design Principal, SLA.

Shared second place

Kvarteret Sofia
Shared second place goes to MKB fastighets AB for the Biosolar roof on top of a housing development in Malmö, Sweden. The development includes biodiverse sections, a focus on native plant species as well as energy production using photovoltaic panels that are integrated in the green design. In addition, a wooden deck has been designed to look out over the roof so that it can also be enjoyed and appreciated by the residents. Kvarteret Sofia is a municipal housing company development that goes further than what is typically required in these types of buildings.


Pictures by SGRI

Vega Scene
Shared second place goes to Urbanium AS for the roof of Vega Scene in Oslo, Norway. The roof of Vega Scene is Norway's first blue-green roof and is an impressive display of green roof multi-functionality both in the realized project and in the process leading up to the final installation. The roof is designed to function as stormwater management and vegetation has been chosen to resemble the valuable habitat around the Oslo fjord. The project is clearly showing that green roof does not need to be restricted by our current or previous thinking but can evolve into something new using creativity, science and engineering.

Vega (3)

Pictures of flowers and pollinators: Åse Holte/Asplan Viak
Pictures of roof (drone pictures): Jostein Thorvaldsen