New Course: Green Blue Black Grey – Green & blue solutions i the circular city

(Course in Swedish)
Welcome to the course Green Blue Black Gray, which focuses on the increasingly important blue-green infrastructure in our dense cities. What are system solutions? How can they best benefit ecosystem services, climate change and at the same time become more sustainable in terms of water consumption, filtration and society’s phosphorous use? Throughout the course, the implementation of biocides in blue-green solutions is discussed.

Speakers: David Andersson (ECOERA), Björn Embrén (Stockholm City Traffic Office), Kent Fridell (Edge), Ann-Mari Fransson (SLU), Jonathan Malmberg (Scandinavian Green Roof Institute) and Erik Bick (Hela Sweden Ska Leva Göteborgsregionen, and Bergum -Gunnilse Development. Former CEO, Rent Dagvatten).

When? January 25, 2019

Where? Gothenburg

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