Green Roof Award 2020


Green roof award 2020 – Turning grey to green

The 2020 Green roof award is awarded to the green roof installations on Sergelhuset. This project is a renovation project where new green systems have been added where there previously were very few. The new vegetation systems are multifunctional in its true sense and they add biodiversity values, stormwater function, and particular recreational values in a densely built-up area. The project shows that is possible to include large surfaces of green roofs with high quality on existing buildings.

The complete outdoor environment is more than 1600 sq m, including vegetation and wood decking on 4 different levels.

Sergelhuset was originally constructed in the 1960-ies and has undergone a modernization with new floors added during the last year. Green roofs are becoming quite common on newly built houses, but this project shows how urban greenspace also can be realized on the existing building stock.


Photo by Urbangreen