Scandinavian Green
Infrastructure Association

SGIA drives the re-naturing of Scandinavian cities together with members and other partners by showing the value of sustainable green infrastructure. Together we are dissolving the paradigm of building grey, and establishing a new resilient collaboration with nature.


SGIA was formed in 2001 with the objective of creating a network for research at Augustenborg Botanical Roof Garden in Malmö, which opened to the public the same year 2001. The association later formed a company called Scandinavian Green Roof Institute AB which offers education, consultation and continuously participate in research and development projects.

How SGIA operates

SGIA links together Scandinavian developers dedicated to the development of resilient green infrastructure. By supplying a platform for sharing knowledge, gaining inspiration and collaboration we are working actively to guide the development of Scandinavian cities towards an increase in livability. Through the process of re-naturing urban areas, we are accomplishing benefits for both nature, people and the economy. SGIA also supplies developers with the science of building integrated vegetation technology as well as related policy and technical guidelines.

The SGIA Board


Henrik Aspegren
Sweden Water Research

Tobias Emilsson
Board member
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Tanja Hasselmark Mason
Board member
Green Roof Institute


Taina Suonio
Board member
Rosling Manor Gardens

Antti Auvinen
Board member
City of Vantaa

Marja Mesimäki


Anne Mette Weng
Board member
Nature Impact A/S

Per Malmos
Board member
Zinco A/S


Bent Braskerud
Board member
City of Oslo

Jonas Vevatne
Board member
City of Asker